Preventive Maintenance Best Practices and Strategies

Get ahead on maintenance, keep your equipment at the ready, extend asset life.

Preventive maintenance defined:

Preventive maintenance (preventative maintenance) is a systematic approach to regularly inspecting the pieces of equipment, machines, and other assets in your building in order to reduce breakdowns and failures and to preserve the operating environment of your building.

Get ahead of corrective maintenance. Quit managing these important tasks in Outlook.

  1. Not only does preventive maintenance reduce to the risk of plane crashes and oil rig disasters, it helps your maintenance team operate more effectively and save time.
  2. You need to perform inspections on the first Monday of every month? No problem.
  3. You like to take equipment readings every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Tikkit has your back.
  4. You want to check inventory levels two weeks after whenever you last checked them? Tikkit can do that too.

Tikkit helps your team manage:

Easy PM scheduling

Set up calendar or daisy-chained templates to issue preventive maintenance alerts in a series (due dates & schematic files optional) and automatically label & cleanup created, but not completed, PMs in a backlog.

Templates remove the busywork

Checklists allow your technicians to focus on the important stuff–checking systems, recording readings, and diagnosing issues before they become failures.

Preventive Maintenance ROI

An estimated 545% ROI and OPEX savings of $0.33 per square foot are waiting for you inside your PM plan. Using a digital PM tool means an 8.7% improvement in time-to-resolution. (Per studies from JLL and Texas A&M University.)

Track issues by type, time to respond and time to resolution. Understand more about what causes issues and find chronic problems earlier. Show the data that proves you run a tight ship.

Gridium is trusted by hundreds of millions of square feet of property including:

  • Over my career I’ve used every work order and CMMS system under the sun. Gridium has simplified things to their essence and the system is very easy to use, even for my roving team whose primary device is a phone. We’re using it to help boost service levels, enhance field service efficiency and enable tenant self service.

    Bill Young
    Director Engineering, Basin Street Properties
  • Gridium’s workflow tool is brand new and already way better than legacy CMMS and work order systems that have been around for decades. It is flexible and handles rich data from each ticket stream, including photos and video. Gridium helps instrument and track vendors, as well as service progress. It has broad system features for interaction from your smart phone. If you are looking for better vendor and service management, I highly recommend a trial.

    Wayne Wiebe
    Real Estate Operations Leader, former Real Estate Director for Echelon, GoPro and UPS.
  • Bill Young
    Director Engineering, Basin Street Properties
  • Wayne Wiebe
    Real Estate Operations Leader, former Real Estate Director for Echelon, GoPro and UPS.

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