InterContinental San Francisco Refines Sustainable Operations, Saves 4.5%

Luxury meets sustainability as Harry Hobbs–Director of Engineering–and team use smart meter data analytics to lower OPEX, energy use, and save over $10,000.

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Industry Hotel
Property Details 32 story luxury hotel

  • 550 rooms
  • Michelin star restaurant (Luce) and bar (Bar888)
  • Swimming pool, spa, and multi-level garage
Challenges Balancing the sophisticated operations of a luxury hotel–spanning conferences, hotel guests, a swimming pool and spa, and the Michelin Star Luce restaurant–and a commitment to green, sustainable operations requires dedication and the right tools.
Solution Snapmeter for automated load curve monitoring and peak demand management, and Billcast for monthly budget forecasts and automated variance analysis.
Why Gridium
  • Automatic data collection from utility means no hardware in the building, nor any BMS integration delays
  • Peak demand forecasts and anomalous use alerts emailed to operations team every Monday morning
  • Automated utility bill analytics provide one-click budgets and data-driven insight into monthly variance across weather, rate, calendar, and operational drivers

The Challenge

Lowering expensive monthly peak demand charges, and otherwise correcting intermittent demand spikes, is a multivariate challenge when faced with simultaneously handling all of the various demands of a luxury hotel. This requires a skilled engineering team, a sophisticated BMS, and analytics that learn and adapt to the hotel’s energy use patterns over time.

The Solution

Gridium’s software for cloud-based smart meter data analytics does not require any hardware or software to be installed onsite. This made for fast delivery of energy savings. In fact, the engineering team at the hotel was able to capture three energy efficiency opportunities–identified during the free trial–including lowering overall peak demand charges, smoothing out intermittent demand spikes, and refining off-hours use schedules so that the hotel would achieve its target baseload more frequently. Savings totaled over $10,000.

Additionally, Billcast provides the hotel with monthly energy use budgets and data-driven variance reports. These forecasts have proven extremely accurate (+/- 5%) every year.

I’m proud that this hotel is serious about sustainability, and we found enough utility bill savings during the Gridium free trial to pay for our subscription for two years! The budget forecasts are accurate and save us time, too.

Harry Hobbs, Director of Engineering, InterContinental San Francisco