Effortless Energy Management

Snapmeter is the most trusted tool for energy analytics.

Bite-sized diagnostics delivered directly to building engineers to help you get more savings out of the equipment you already have.

There’s lots more to Snapmeter:

An energy price tag

You think in kilowatt-hours, but your boss thinks in dollars and cents. Snapmeter includes a rate engine that models your utility tariff with incredible accuracy, so that every energy use figure carries a meaningful price tag.

Your workbench

Got an idea to reduce electricity costs? Run an experiment and use Snapmeter for next-day feedback, with noise from weather stripped out automatically.

Great workflow

Tools only work if they work for you. Snapmeter delivers the targeted information you need directly to your email inbox.

Unlimited users

Add unlimited subscribers so that your energy data can be broadly shared with staff, controls partners, consultants, and colleagues.

BMS integration

Snapmeter has an open API. Wire up our demand prediction to your BMS for the smartest building on the block.

Not as smart as you, but learning

Every building is a snowflake, and you know yours best. Building operations change. Snapmeter learns along the way, finding the best statistical model fit at the close of each bill period. Get accurate feedback, even after changes in occupancy or after capital projects.

Effortless deployment

Because we retrieve your data directly from the utility, there’s no on-site installation required. We’ll have you up and running in a few days. And it’s free to try.

Get the most trusted tool for energy analytics.

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