Go deep, with data on your side.

Gridium RCx brings deep analytics to engineering teams working with a larger number of buildings.

Browse years of data at a glance through compelling visualizations, drill down to diagnose operational issues, and measure your efforts with flexible M&V tools. Gridium RCx is your engineering partner.

Lightning fast data browsing

Sort, filter, and drill down in seconds via an intuitive interface that puts millions of data points at your fingertips.

Operational pattern analysis

Move beyond metrics to advanced operational analytics. RCx understands your load curve well enough to identify important operational issues such as start drift, rising baseload, or faulty economization.

Automatic measure identification

Understand savings opportunities before deciding whether a building warrants a site visit. Calculate total potential savings and dig into day-by-day specifics of startup, shutdown and baseload management.


Economizers are often the key to huge energy savings. But many are disabled or faulty. Calculate temperature balance points instantly, even in buildings with dynamic loads.

Savings verification

Energy use is always changing. When you implement savings measures, make sure the results match your expectations. Use flexible baseline and reporting periods to instantly calculate and share your results.

Go deep, with data on your side.

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