Gridium Alpha Generates Durable Sustainability

Lowering energy bills by up to 39% with no upfront costs. Welcome to the new age of building management, where you sell extra energy to the Grid.

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  • Commodity space strangles operating budgets
  • Coal plants and gas peakers generate antique energy for the Grid
  • Utilities offer anemic widget-based incentives hardly worth your time


  • Executives lead & lease with strategies for decarbonization
  • Building upgrades are a resource for the renewable Grid
  • Automated M&V technology gets buildings paid for true performance over time

How It Works

We develop upgrade projects for your building, measure the results, and sell these harvested efficiency resources back to the Grid. All with zero upfront costs.

How Gridium Alpha Works


Four components to turnkey energy projects

1 | Energy & Operating Data Analytics

Durable sustainability starts by understanding existing operations, equipment, utility rates, and bills. That’s just a few clicks away with Gridium’s easy-to-use software. All in the cloud, with nothing to install.

2 | Zero CapEx Upgrades

Based on your building, and informed by our analytics, we recommend building upgrades (such as LEDs, controls, HVAC equipment, motors, and VFDs) to be included in the project. You approve the final equipment list. We provide turnkey project management, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance.

3 | Accurately Measured Efficiency Resources

Accurate baselines are the foundation of energy efficiency. Our market-leading Measurement & Verification analytics will establish the baseline and measure the new payments from the Grid that your building will receive for its harvested energy.

4 | New Energy Revenue

In advanced Grid territories, new cash payments and bill credits are on offer for buildings that can harvest energy from their systems & operations, supercharging project ROI’s. Cost recovery financing aligns all interests, and can get projects started with zero upfront cost.

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