Wind Water Realty Streamlines Tenant Service

Providing a tenant service portal to its entire portfolio of 15 buildings boosts customer service levels by collecting all service requests in one easy to manage, and easy to access, application.

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Industry Commercial Real Estate Property Management
Property Details Orange County California

  • Over 500,000 square feet of office, industrial, and retail properties
  • Full-service real estate firm, including brokerage services
Challenges Ensuring every service request receives the attention it deserves, across a portfolio spanning 15 buildings, 50 tenant contacts, and 25 3rd party service vendors.
Solution Tikkit for mobile friendly work order collaboration and building maintenance.
Why Gridium
  • Mobile device ready
  • Easy-to-use Occupant portal for tenant self-service
  • Simple photo/file attachment, email and text/sms alerts improve resolution time

Exceeding tenant service expectations for creative space in the digital age

Tikkit software for work order collaboration helps this property management team resolve service requests from over 50 tenant contacts in 15 buildings, and loop in one of 25 third-party vendors with the click of a button. Gone are the days with work orders trapped–and lost–in email!

Wind Water Realty, Inc. is a full-service commercial real estate company based in Irvine, CA. Wind Water, which is derived from Fung Shuei, is dedicated to providing the highest level of service by balancing form and function with client needs. All real estate advisory services are provided in-house, including brokerage services, property management, transaction management, and marketing.

Our culture is built around excellent customer service. Tikkit streamlines our entire service request process! It’s now much easier to deliver, day in and day out, the high levels of service our creative space tenants now expect.

Cheryl H. Bartlo, CPM ⓡ, RPA, Director of Property Management Wind Water Realty, Inc.