Webcor Builders Brings Transparency to Warranty Operations and Maintenance

Taking the mystery out of work orders in a building portfolio that spans a major art museum, hotels, and a biotechnology campus.

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Industry Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Real Estate
Property Details Northern and Southern California

  • More than 2MM square feet
  • Multiple building types
Challenges Coordinating and resolving warranty and maintenance requests during commissioning, initial occupancy, and ongoing operations with building occupants and 3rd party service vendors.
Solution Tikkit for mobile friendly work order collaboration and building maintenance.
Why Gridium
  • Mobile device ready
  • API integration with corporate ERP database
  • Simple photo/file attachment and email alerts improve speed and accuracy

In Need of Transparency

Tikkit software for work order collaboration helps the Quality Department and its 3rd party vendor subcontractors manage the warranty and maintenance requests of a complex and sophisticated building portfolio.

Founded in 1971, Webcor Builders has constructed some of the most remarkable buildings in California including the Lucas Digital Arts Center, Oracle’s headquarters, and the expansion to the SF MOMA museum. Webcor was the first California-based builder to have its quality control systems certified against the ISO 9001 standards.

No More Mystery

Connecting online—on the same platform, with visibility into the same data—the entire loop of people involved in the warranty and maintenance of a building maximizes speed and minimizes hassle. Easy photo attachment and vendor notification emails boost accuracy and drop time-to-resolution.

Ensuring our buildings meet the highest of quality standards demanded by our clients takes dedication and teamwork. Tikkit is a transparent platform for my team, our building occupant customers, and vendors alike. It takes the mystery out of what we do, and how we do it!

Fergus Lenehan, Senior Superintendent, Quality Department, Webcor Builders