Walla Walla YMCA Retools Communication for Instant Improvement

From inconsistent post-it notes to easily prioritized notifications, now maintenance requests are easily tracked, nothing slips through any cracks, and leadership knows where time is spent and how things get done.

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Industry Health & Wellness
Property Details Non-profit community center in Walla Walla Washington, founded in 1886

  • 7,000 members and 130 employees across 6 departments
  • Open 353 days a year, weekdays from 4:30am to 10:00pm
  • Climbing wall, Archery center, tons of exercise equipment, Red Cross trainings, Technology center and 3D printer, and many after-school camps.
Challenges A legacy CMMS tool became too complicated, but the paper-process that replaced it was inconsistent, leading to a mishmash of emails, post-it notes, and phone calls.
Solution Tikkit for mobile friendly work order collaboration between the six operations, maintenance, and janitorial departments and multiple shifts.
Why Tikkit
  • Easy-to-use and mobile device ready
  • Quickly communicate updates across departments and shifts to stay coordinated
  • Simple preventive maintenance scheduling to get ahead of service requests

Paper Processes are Impossible to Prioritize

The Y’s six departments use Tikkit 353 days a year to coordinate their maintenance and janitorial efforts. Easy collaboration helps this 130-person Walla Walla team save tons of time as they support the operations of nearly 100 programs in service of 7,000 members.

Founded in 1886, the Walla Walla YMCA’s programs include after-school, youth and adult swimming, basketball and rock climbing, 3D Printing and Red Cross training, yoga, cycling, weight lifting, and more. Once upon a time, the operating team had used a legacy facilities CMMS but it had grown overly complex and hard-to-use. The paper process that replaced it was really hard to prioritize, and issues would sometimes sit stale. The team “instantly adopted” Tikkit, since it’s “so easy to use” and the simple repeating-request capability will help the team launch a smart preventive maintenance practice.

Keeping everything running smoothly is mission-critical for my team, so that our Y’s 7,000 members can better develop to their fullest potential in spirit, mind, and body. Tikkit was instantly adopted, and that was a big time sign that we needed it–within a week, everyone had dropped our old paper process and, instead, relied on Tikkit!

Brady Svilich, COO, Walla Walla YMCA