TOBY Award Winner Tustin Centre Saves More than 6%

Class A office tower invests millions of dollars in renovations, earns LEED- Gold certification and a TOBY Award, and lowers day-time energy use by over 6% with utility data analytics

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The Tustin Centre in Orange County spans 205,000 square feet, has on-site dining facilities, and an executive conference facility. The tower also includes a yoga oasis, high speed Wi-Fi, and an outdoor bocce ball court. Tustin Centre is owned by CBRE Global Investors and is managed by CBRE.

Industry Commercial Real Estate
Property Details
  • Tustin Centre: 205,000 sq ft of Class A office
  • TOBY award winner, LEED-Gold certified
Challenges Despite a focus on a high-quality tenant experience—including lower OPEX and increased tenant productivity—utility bills were increasing over 14% in nearly every month
Solution Gridium Snapmeter for automated load curve monitoring and peak demand forecasting and Gridium Billcast for year-over-year variance analysis
Why Gridium
  • Utility bill analytics quantify the causes of year-over-year monthly variance across weather, rate, calendar day, and operational factors
  • Automatic data collection from utility means no hardware in buildings, nor any BMS integration delays
  • Unexpected energy pattern alerts emailed to operations team every Monday morning

The Challenge

Ashley Jiminez, Real Estate Manager at CBRE, oversees multiple buildings in Orange County. Managing Class A office space with rising utility rates, warming weather, and new tenants is hard. This is particularly true when the building strives for operational excellence, TOBY awards, and LEED certification.

The Solution

Snapmeter’s big data analytics platform pairs a building’s 15-minute meter data with local weather data to analyze and flag anomalous changes to its load curves and predict peak demand charges. Snapmeter connected to the Tustin Centre’s SCE interval meter data without hardware in the mechanical room nor software loaded onto the BMS. The Monday morning email reports summarizing Snapmeter’s weekly analytics identified persistent Monday afternoon demand peaks and a consistent drift up in weekday energy use. Billcast captures a building’s monthly bill data straight from the building’s online utility bills. This allows Billcast to create an accurate 24-month rolling energy budget and to quantify the causes of year-over-year bill variance across weather, rate, calendar day, and operational factors. Billcast’s variance report identified the consistent weekday drift, which was causing noticeable monthly increases. Tustin Centre’s engineering team investigated the issue further and identified persistent simultaneous heating and cooling. Once corrected, the Tustin Centre team saw operational savings of greater than 6% reported in Billcast.

Providing a world class environment for our tenants is my top priority, and we’re proud that superior energy management is part of Tustin Centre’s approach. Our LEED-Gold certification and recent TOBY award reflect these efforts, and Gridium’s tools have helped us save over 6% every month this year.

Ashley Jiminez, Real Estate Manager CBRE