How The King’s College Improves the Student Experience

Streamlining maintenance requests in an easy-to-use digital tool resolves issues faster, boosts building performance with proactive preventive tasks, and keeps staff focused on the college’s educational mission.

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Industry Higher Education
Property Details
  • A main downtown campus building
  • Four-story student residence building just a four-minute walk from campus
  • Unique, downtown urban NYC environment
    Linking students, faculty, staff, security, cleaning, and 3rd party vendors together on routine, preventive, and corrective maintenance tasks requires regular and heroic effort.
    Tikkit for mobile friendly work order collaboration, improved communication with residential and campus building occupants, and organized maintenance alerts.

Student & faculty maintenance online, in email, and over texts

Founded in 1938, The King’s College is a Christian college in New York City that offers students academic immersion at a small liberal arts college, amazing internships and job opportunities, and the chance to truly influence secular society in the world’s most global city.

In the past, The King’s College didn’t have an effective way to coordinate maintenance communication between students at its Greenwich Street residence building and staff, nor were there easy communication channels for faculty and staff at the main campus. With Tikkit, work requests automatically generate text alerts to staff, and 3rd-party vendors receive and accept projects via an easy-to-use email feature within the software.

The King’s College seeks to transform society by preparing students for careers in which they help to shape and eventually to lead strategic public and private institutions. Tikkit helps us improve building operations and the students’ residential & on-campus experience. When maintenance tasks are resolved quickly, everyone can focus on our shared educational objectives.

Shelli Cline, Assistant Vice President for Innovation and Operations, The King’s College