How to Nimbly Boot up a New Tech Campus

Technology tenant moves into renovated three-building campus in Silicon Valley and tracks energy trends in new space while managing peak demand charges.

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The Nimble Storage campus in Silicon Valley spans three buildings and 164,000 square feet. The facilities include an outdoor living room with open and collaborative work/play spaces. Nimble Storage provides flash storage solutions for global enterprises to manage a broad set of applications and workloads.

Industry Commercial Real Estate
Property Details Three-building tech campus:

  • 164,000 square feet of Class A office
  • Two office buildings
  • One lab/data center building
Budget Challenges How to manage energy costs in unfamiliar buildings with growing occupancy and mixed lab/data center/office use
Solution Gridium Snapmeter for automated load curve monitoring and peak demand forecasting
Why Gridium
  • Automatic data collection from utility means no hardware in buildings, nor any BMS integration delays
  • Peak demand forecasts emailed to operations team everyMonday morning
  • Machine-learning statistical models learn from changes in operations

The Challenge

Dan Hoffman, Senior Director, Global Real Estate and Facilities, faces the unique challenge of booting up a new corporate headquarters—including the expansion of a lab and data center facility—while simultaneously maintaining occupant comfort, productivity (the café and coffee bar help), and efficient operations.

The Solution

Gridium’s Snapmeter was deployed to enable the Nimble Storage facilities team to translate utility meter data analytics into efficient building operations.

Snapmeter’s big data analytics platform pairs each building’s 15-minute meter data with local weather data to analyze and flag anomalous changes to the load curves. Possibilities include off-hours/weekend/holiday use, early or late start-up and shut-down, and actual energy use versus the expectation set by Snapmeter’s machine-learning algorithms.

For example, a Snapmeter Monday morning email predicted that the primary building on campus was likely to set its peak demand charge on the upcoming Thursday afternoon…

in response, the Nimble Storage team widened the deadband on its HVAC system for that time slot. Additionally, the team uses Snapmeter to monitor the changes in energy patterns in the building housing its growing lab space and data center, and to spot errors in the initial programming of BMS sequences.

“We’re operating three buildings, and headcount is growing here, in other states, and abroad. So the time that Gridium’s tools save my team is tremendously valuable, and we’re happy to take advantage of our meter data by running analytics, getting the recap emails on Monday morning, and adjusting systems on the run.”

Dan Hoffman, Senior Director, Global Real Estate and Facilities