MEDARVA Healthcare trims response time by 25%

Curing an outdated paper process with an easy digital tool means equipment stays finely-tuned, communication with nursing staff is timely, and resolution times are trimmed an estimated 25%.

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Industry Healthcare
Property Details Non-profit healthcare organization in Richmond and Goochland Virginia, founded in 1951

  • Two outpatient surgery centers
  • Vision and hearing care specialities
  • MEDARVA Foundation supports, among others, pre-school hearing & vision screens
Challenges A paper process stitched together with faxes, scans, and text messages meant only the most critical requests received timely attention.
Solution Tikkit for mobile friendly work order collaboration, improved communication and equipment maintenance, and easy reminders about critical life-safety preventive maintenance measures.
Why Tikkit
  • Easy-to-use and mobile device ready.
  • Quickly communicate updates across nursing, administrative, and facilities departments to stay coordinated.
  • Faster resolution times and better equipment maintenance.

Fixing the flood of forms and text messages

MEDARVA Healthcare traces its roots to the Richmond Eye Hospital, founded in 1951. The organization prides itself on practicing and perfecting the art of medicine, and partnering with community organizations to help bring medical assistance and awareness to those in need.

In the past, nursing and administrative staff relied on paper forms, faxes, and text messages to communicate with the maintenance department. Now, easy collaboration on Tikkit means everyone is informed, no time is wasted, and leadership can track what work gets completed.

Equipment uptime is also improved. In one example, facilities staff were able to confirm with the supplier that a damaged power cord to a foot-pedal on a critical piece of equipment could be removed without taking the machine offline and out of service. This improved maintenance capacity has made nursing staff report in status meetings that they feel “in the loop on the state of requests, and that equipment is getting repaired faster.”

Maintaining equipment and our two facilities in top condition allows our nurses and doctors to provide the care our patients need. Tikkit has fixed our maintenance communication issues, and now I estimate our maintenance request resolution time has improved by 25%!

Rod Edwards, MEDARVA Healthcare