IHG Army Hotels Fort Lee Lodging Improves Communication and Saves Time

100 people across the hotel’s maintenance, housekeeping, and janitorial teams collaborate 24/7 to ensure guests experience distinguished service.

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Industry Hospitality
Property Details 1,138 room hotel in Fort Lee, Virginia

  • Provides safe and secure lodging on post for Soldiers and other military students training at the nearby Army Logistics University
  • A restaurant, sports bar/lounge, laundry, and in-room kitchens are on site
Challenges Coordinating the expert operations of a 100 person team across 2 miles of interior corridors and 500,000 SF requires powerful, mobile device ready software.
Solution Tikkit for mobile friendly work order collaboration and building maintenance.
Why Gridium
  • Mobile device ready
  • Easy to learn, easier to use
  • Simple photo/file attachment and email alerts improve speed and accuracy

Better Communication for a Big Team Operating a Massive Hotel

Gridium’s Tikkit software for building operations helps the maintenance, housekeeping, and janitorial teams deliver around-the-clock service to the guests and visitors of this hotel.

With over 1,000 rooms, 2 miles of interior corridors, nine elevators, and five stairwells, the maintenance and operations team would spend a great deal of effort and time moving around the facility in response to guest requests and performing building maintenance.

Mobile Tablets to the Rescue

With internet-connected mobile tablets linked to a Tikkit account, the team immediately started saving time and energy, reducing time-to-resolution on work order requests, and improving the overall customer service experience for hotel guests. For example, a photo of a damaged ceiling tile attached to the relevant work order makes it much easier to spot and resolve–in one of the famously long corridors in this hotel–when the maintenance team moves in to repair it.

Our mission is to provide safe, secure, and enjoyable lodging for the Soldiers and their families studying at and visiting the Army Logistics University at Fort Lee. Tikkit helps us deliver distinguished service to these guests with quick, thorough service in a well-maintained hotel.

Phil Dock, General Manager, IHG Army Hotels